“I’ve been training with Aron, one-to-one, for a few weeks now and he’s been brilliant helping me understand my nutrition and achieve my personal target. There’s no pressure from him, but he’s pushing me enough so that I get the most out of the sessions. I’ve never done this before, I’m not a gym goer or particularly a healthy eater, but I’ve been doing two 30 minute sessions a week and so far he’s helped me loose weight, gain muscle and lower my body fat. I would definitely recommend Aron to everyone.”

Lost 7 pounds of body fat in his 6-week kickstart

Stephen Spriggs

“I’ve noticed such a difference after only 3 weeks! I can’t wait to see where I will be in another few weeks. Love my sessions and I highly recommend. Each session is bespoke to me and always brings new challenges. 5*”

Louise Locke

“Aron is a brilliant PT! Honest, thorough and committed. Clearly knows his stuff and more than happy to give advise at any hour. I’ve trained with Aron for 3 months now and I can honestly say, I’ve seen a huge difference in my strength, fitness and confidence in the gym. Loving every session – even the 6amers 🤦🏼‍♀️ Looking to train with a PT? 100% drop Aron a message and come see what he does!”

Samantha Cooper

“I have Known Aron from being 6/7 years old and after giving myself a huge kick up the backside after Christmas, decided to train with him. Not only has he pushed me to my limits every PT session, but he has educated me on my food and what I need to put in my body to see results. The best thing about Aron is that he is fully committed and dedicated to his clients with regular posts in his support group he created on Facebook where he has developed a little community of people that are continuing to inspire each other week in, week out. Whether it’s congratulating each other on a screenshot of a run they’ve just completed, or taking ideas from videos of a weeks meal prep. Fully at home here in this gym after struggling for years trying to find enjoyment balancing a good diet and training. Cannot recommend this guy enough!”

Lost 10 pounds of body fat // gained plenty of lean muscle in the process

Jordan France

“Highly recommend Aron, like many I was worried about starting to get fit and even though I’ve only been doing it a short while, I am already seeing results, feeling much better mentally and physically! This guy is so good at what he does and gives the motivation and support you need. The classes on a Sunday are also fab. Thank you so much!”

Lost 9 pounds of body fat // dropped from 29% to 22% body fat

Lyndsey Collins

“Thank you Aron Coppock today! Feeling good after today’s PT session! After two weeks of feeling a bit ‘meh’ on and off. Your advice and positivity is helping and motivating me loads. As I know most mums feel after a baby they lose the body they know and sometimes their identity – it’s an emotional journey and it takes extra work to get it back! Best decision I made was getting a personal trainer. Aron’s skills now extend to keeping 9 month olds with mild separation anxiety and jealousy issues entertained! That’s a unique selling point if ever there was one – alongside his flexible training options and affordability. You probably didn’t expect this plug but I really appreciate your guidance at a time when I literally didn’t know what to do with myself! Onwards 😊💪🏻!”

Nicola Ashworth

“I had been training for a few years but just didn’t really understand the importance of nutrition and how significant that was to achieve my final goals. I was stuck in a training rut. Aron fine tuned my diet and I’ve found it pretty easy, loosing nearly half a stone in 6 weeks. Combined with this the 1-1 training is well thought out, each session tough and challenging but more than achievable and Aron encourages throughout. I really look forward to his sessions and importantly I can see the positive change in my physical appearance within the first 6 weeks of training with him. I am slimmer, leaner and stronger! Just signed up for another 6 weeks …”

Lost 13 pounds in body fat

Mark Alan

“I am loving my PT training and learning so much about nutrition and how to get my body stronger and leaner . I would highly recommend Aron As he pushes you in training and encourages me so well.”

Lost 12 pounds in body fat

Mandy Murray

“Been training with Aron for 6 weeks now using the tools that Aron has put in-place for me I have dropped a dress size, lost 10% of my body weight and I’m gaining in strength and stamina every week. I used to hate working out but I actually look forward my sessions now.

Lost 11 pounds of body fat

Steph Olding

“I have been training with Aron for a few months now. I had never been to a gym before as I didn’t have the courage. From the first session Aron makes you feel at ease, he’s very personable he spurs you on and is really committed to all of his clients. Every session is different and thanks to Aron I really enjoy it! He is extremely knowledgeable about food and it’s great to see results! I would definitely recommend Aron he’s a great Personal trainer!”

Nicola Godson